Yes we do accept Credit card. Call into our main office at 928-536-4031 and we will process it. There is a 3% CONVIENCE FEE with each transaction.
We can do rough estimates over the phone if given the right details. For precision purposes we prefer in-person bid to insure accuracy.
Yes, we insulated new construction as well as existing homes.
Yes we install two types of spray foam. There is open cell and closed cell. Go to the top tab named services and find the box that says close cell or the box that says open cell. Click one to find a detailed description of both products and some informative videos.
No all estimates are FREE!
R-Value is the rating system used to grade insulation products or a material’s insulating properties. The “R” stands for “resistance” and refers to the resistance a material has to heat flow, or temperature conduction. When a product or home has a high R-Value, this means it is well insulated.
Insulation keeps the colder or warm air your coolers or heater produce within your home while also keeping outside temperatures outside. In fact houselogic experts give a broader range, saying bringing your insulation up to current standards can save you "anywhere from 10% to 50% on heating and cooling bills."
We are a licensed installer for all types of insulation ensuring a high quality service to all our customers.
While a higher r-value does mean your home is better insulated this doesn't mean it is better. The perfect r-value is different for every building because it depends on the structure and climate. Higher r-value doesn't always mean better. It is a balance of cost vs reward the higher the r-value the more expense and if your climate or structure doesn't require a very high r-value you will lose efficiency.

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